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Instructor - Monica Garcia

Monica has been a successful acting teacher for over 17 years.  She trained exclusively under the guidance of a direct protégé of the late Stella Adler.  Monica teaches the technique specifically designed by Stella Adler through her work with Stanislavski.   Each stage of the technique is divided up into two ten-week quarters.  Monica is the only teacher at Acting Artists Studio that teaches "The Technique" and substitute teachers are never used.

Monica not only has a great understanding of the work, but her greatest ability as a teacher is to understand each and every one of her students, and is able to teach each individual according to where they are at and give them what they need to become an independent, confident actors.  

Monica is also a successful working actress, having appeared in over 50 Network TV shows including recurring roles on the ABC hit S.W.A.T.Southland, and GOLIATH.  

She was chosen by Sir Anthony Hopkins to act in his directorial debut, Slipstream and also recently won the praise of director Chris Columbus on his pilot Applebaum.










I've gotten the pleasure to work with Monica in class and one on one as an acting coach. She has been a Godsend and has taken my work to a whole new level. She has an ability to adapt to her students so she can communicate to them in a way that is conducive for their individual learning needs. She also has the extra edge of being a successful actor and being out in the world of auditioning currently. The industry is always shifting and changing. It is an added bonus to have a teacher with insight to the current working and auditioning world. Mr. Mendoza, who I have worked with as well, trained her excellently. Mr. Mendoza is a brilliant actor and teacher, so know you are in good hands with Monica. Monica's audition technique class is hands down the best audition class I've ever taken. She loves the work and she loves the craft. She shows great enthusiasm and support for her students. Most importantly, she, like Mr. Mendoza, doesn't have a goal of keeping her students in class forever. She wants them to be dependent on themselves so they can tackle any situation as an actor. 


Fallon Goodson, Actress

Audition technique taught by a working actress, with over 60 TV credits under her belt, Monica teaches every class herself.  I booked five TV shows after taking her class.


Landall Goolsby, Actor

"Monica Garcia is an amazing acting teacher.  I've been studying with different teachers for over ten years and while they've all added something significant to my learning my craft, none of them "GOT ME" the way that Monica did.  She has the gift of seeing behind what is blocking an actor and freeing them to free themselves.  She not only teaches, she empowers.  I will be forever grateful to have learned from her." 


Tomiko Fraser Hines, Actress, Model

I think the thing I love most about working with Monica is knowing that she wants the best for ME!!!

I will say she's not easily satisfied, which only makes me dig deeper and in turn work just a little bit harder to be a whole lot better!. ;-) Thank you Monica for helping me find the JOY in the work.

Tina Landon, Actress, Choreographer ​ 

An acting class should encourage a student’s growth and independence, giving the student tools needed to stand alone and feel confident by establishing a strong foundation to stand on and build from. Monica carries on Stella Adler’s tradition as was dictated in her own notebooks. She allows encourages students to grow their craft encouraging hard work and dedication as the ground work needed to come upon brilliant choices. 


Patrick Toolan, Actor


Monica’s goal is to make you an independent artist who takes charge in his/her own craft. She will work on your personal strength and weakness and make you grow as an actor and also a human being. As a working actor she knows what it takes to survive and have success in the industry, and will give every bit of her knowledge in your work. 


I have been taking her class over the years and it always gives me a fresh start, and new things to work on. She will take you to a different dimension of acting. Her Technique class is eye opening, and scene study is challenging every week. Audition class is where you put pieces together what you’ve learned in Stella Adler Technique and transfer it to real working world. 


Lena Young, Actress

I’ve had the privilege of working with Monica the past couple of years. Technique 1 and 2 give you the tools needed to move forward in Scene Study and Audition Class. Monica is very attune to all of her students and knows exactly where they are in their craft.  The work assigned reflects what the actor needs to work and focus on. She’s constantly pushing them to take chances, discover oneself in the work and most importantly, to be brave.  I knew after my first audit that Monica was the coach for me. 


William Dover, Actor

These classes allow you to explore. Monica's education and experience gives the students a unique view of the work. The classes are meant for any serious actor who has a deep desire to take their work from "good" to "brilliant". It's a class for hard work while still having the openness to have fun and play.


Chris Collins, Actor

Monica Garcia and her classes at Acting Artist Studio were fundamental to my growth as an artist and an actor. The basis of everything Monica teaches is learning how to NOT act, and instead to discover the truth and stillness of the author's imaginary circumstances.  Monica is a valuable asset as a teacher in Los Angeles because she is auditioning in the rooms of the current industry and booking TV and film jobs and is;  paired with years of experience teaching under Mr. Mendoza, the founding principle instructor of the Stella Adler Conservatory in Hollywood, allows her to hone in on unique and individualized exercises pulled directly from Stella Adler's personal notes on acting to help students execute their craft at the highest levels of theatre, film, television and even commercials.   In addition, her guidance for each of her students is personalized and firm with a focus on work ethic and personal development.   At any level that you may be in your craft and career, Acting Artist Studio will propel you to the next step and beyond. I am forever grateful to the instruction and care that Monica gave me. The results from studying at Acting Artist Studio speak for themselves, but the confidence I walked away with is invaluable as a move forward in my career.  Thank you Monica. 


Chiara Maya, Actress 


Monica Garcia is a brilliant acting teacher, the most important thing that Monica has that is essential within being a teacher is that she believes that anyone can be as great of an actor as they want to be, if they put in the work. The work is what she stresses and that is the most vital part of acting, the fact that you want to be an actor is all that she needs to then push you to the next level. For me, Monica has been life changing because she has helped me become a complete actor. She loves her students and wants them to get out and take their career by the throat. She gives you her best, every single moment she is with you. That is everything. Monica has given me the chance to stretch my instrument, my body, by challenging me every class. She will challenge you every class, anyone can be an elite level actor and she makes it tangible.  She's an Adler Woman and has taught me to be an Adler Man. I’m very proud to say that she is my teacher and will always be my teacher. I say this again because it’s very important, Monica loves her students and she welcomes every student in with open arms and an open heart. She’s the guidance counselor that gives you first priority registration, she's the cool aunt that you can tell everything too, she's the amazing sister that will give you free advice, she will love you but more importantly teach you. She demands respect and should be respected because she is a remarkable talent that knows how to make complete actors that then can go on and become good and great actors by giving themselves to the work.


                                                                                                  Bryan Valladares, Actor


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