Technique 1 & 2  and Audition/Cold reading

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Technique I 


An introduction to the Stella Adler technique. A series of exercises to build on the imagination. Understanding, sequence, structure, and rhythms of scenes. A homework assignment is given each week and each student works each class.


Technique II 


This is where character development is introduced. Actions, beats, paraphrase and 

autobiography, are the primary focus.  A home work assignment is given each week and each student works each class. 



Scene Study 


Where the Technique is put into practice. Understanding how to activate autobiography and working for elevated, and physicalized actions.  Each student is assigned a play and a scene partner for the quarter.  Scenes are paraphrased until the words are earned. Understanding this process for film, television, and stage.





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Stella Adler Technique
  Summer classes begin July 7th
Audition/Cold reading and Scene Study
Summer classes begin a July 8th



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