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Energy Alchemy for Actors

Where artists learn to fully embody characters as a channel and to deepen your connection to yourself.

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Gina Starbuck is an intuitive coach who specializes in assisting people through rebirth. She has a unique gift in helping her students and clients to heal and uproot old patterns and limiting beliefs, so they can shed the weight of identities that don’t align with their soul and emerge as their authentic selves.


Gina is a certified Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner, sound healer, channel and so much more. She creates a space for people to connect with and activate their innate gifts.


Before transitioning to this work, Gina was a highly successful dancer, choreographer and singer. Her list of stage, film and television credits is long and includes the LA company of the Broadway hit Wicked, touring with Adam Lambert, appearances of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, American Idol and more.


Gina is passionate about teaching artists how to work with their energetic body and spiritual gifts to enhance their performances. She loves to clear energetic blocks and open portals for divine intelligence to show up on screen and stage.


She’s thrilled to work with all of you!

Monica Garcia is a successful actor and acting coach for over 17 years.  She trained exclusively under the guidance of a direct protégé of the late Stella Adler.  Monica teaches the technique specifically designed by Stella Adler through her work with Stanislavski. 


Not only does she have a great understanding of the work, but also her practical experience allows her to understand her students and is able to teach them from where they are and guide them so that they can become more independent, confident actors.  

Monica has appeared in over 50 Network TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, and The Big Bang Theory, including recurring roles on GOLIATH, and Southland.  She was hand picked by Sir Anthony Hopkins to act in his directorial debut, Slipstream, and has worked with Oscar winning director Jonathan Kaplan, Chris Columbus, Steven Soderbergh, and Guy Norman Bee 


Monica loves sharing her knowledge of the work and watching her students grow.

Workshop Saturday July 13th 11am-2pm

The Complex Hollywood 6476 Santa Monica Blvd. (in the Ruby Theatre)

Once your RSVP is confirmed you will received sides to prepare. The workshop will begin with a guided meditation and healing to open your body and mind to more flow. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to work your scene with both Monica and Gina. Monica will be providing insight and critiques, while Gina helps to clear energetic blockages and limiting beliefs in real time. You’ll walk away with a complete mind, body and soul transformation that will open you to a whole new relationship with your craft. (And with yourself)

Ten students only (first come first serve) $150.00 per person

(RSVP requires $75.00 deposit via PayPal)


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